steepleA steeplechase is a distance event in which competitors complete a course jumping fences , ditches and generally traversing the many intervening obstacles in the countryside. These horses endure some of the physical demands of both a race horse and a jumper. The cross country obstacles are usually extremely varied and there are often combinations of several fences to test the horse’s agility, a variety of obstacles are used to make the horse demonstrate agility, power, intelligence, and bravery. Steeplechase is extremely challenging and pushes these very conditioned horses to their physical and mental limits. Regenerative medicine now provides the opportunity to increase focus and the overall health of theses performance horses like never before. This amazing science works on a cellular level. using the horses own cells and other naturally occurring growth factors, peptides and a wide variety of cell types including cytokines, chemokines and bio active peptides to provide a natural anti-inflammatory response in the body as well initiate various repair mechanisms to repair and regenerate injured organs, cells and tissues.

Regenerative Medicine for Steeplechase Horses

-Medivet Equine


Medivet’s Autologous Conditioning Serum- ACS

ACS Offers an effective, drug free options to reduce or eliminate inflammation locally and systemically in horses. Medivet’s ACS seperates anti-inflammatory cytokines from the horses own blood. This highly concentrated serum is then administered back into the same horse. This is an autologous process. Administering ACS Intravenously on a regular basis will limit the inflammation response thought the body of the Steeplechase, Endurance Horse. ACS can decrease recovery time and reduce or eliminate the pain and tissue damage caused by inflammation. This powerful product can be given by intra-articular injection, intravenous injection, jet neutralizer or intramuscular injection.  During training and events Steeplechase Endurance Horses benefit greatly from 1-3 5ml interventions applications per week, depending on exercise level.

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MediVets MPTS360 Nebulizer

The Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360) is specifically designed to fit horses. The mask kit comes with all fittings required to start training and therapy immediately in Steeplechase Endurance Horses.

Includes; mask with integrated mixing plenum and multi-fit seal, Jet Nebulizer with 8mL or 20mL reservoir. Designed for superior flow delivery of therapies with Oxygen, Medical Air or Compressed Air (Pump), Ultrasonic Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer with 8mL reservoir, Designed for quick convenient therapy delivered at the optimum vapor size. Variable click style Oxygen gas and Nitrogen regulators are also include in a premium carry case.

The Jet Nebulizer facilitates rapid delivery of drugs and serums to your Steeplechase Endurance Horse.  Treatment is accelerated via simultaneous oxygen delivery. The benefits of this include: Minimizing the release of Hydrocortisone (stress hormone) which can inhibit positive immune responses and increasing the oxygen processing capacity of cell mitochondria, which boosts cell activity and growth. The click style oxygen regulator supplied with the MPTS 360 is the most robust type on the market and easiest to use with set flow rates to match all therapy requirements.

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Thymosin Beta 4 – TB-500 and TB1000

Thymosin Beta 4 – TB-500 and TB1000 is a peptide which is applied by subcutaneous injection to promote angiogenesis and wound healing in your Steeplechase Endurance Horse. It has demonstrated cardio protective and immune-potentiating effects, as a potent anti-aging, and has anti-scarring properties. Key factor of Tß4 is that it promotes cell migration through a specific interaction with actin in the cell cytoskeleton. It has been demonstrated that a central small amino acid long-actin binding domain has both blood cell reproduction and wound healing characteristics. Tß4 is different from other repair factors, such as growth factors, in that it promotes endothelial and keratinocyte migration. It also has a very low molecular weight meaning it can travel relatively long distances through tissues. Increased health will allows for faster and better wound repair, decreased recovery time from injury and training (wear and tear), increased endurance, increased strength, increased energy levels and in many cases increased focus in Steeplechase Endurance Horses.

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SGF1000 – Stem Cell Activation for Horses

The SGF1000 supplement will facilitate the continuous activation of highly potent dormant Stem Cells to repair damaged tissues thought the body of your Steeplechase Endurance Horse. Even healthy appearing tendons, ligaments and connective tissues have micro damage that is not detectable. The growth factors in SGF1000 initiate Stem Cell activation and help create an environment for the body to heal at a faster rate. Medivet’s SGF1000 provides drug-free intravenous injections that can assist in the internal cell regeneration, rejuvenation and anti-aging at the cellular level in the horse’s body to help aid in the repair of damaged organs, muscles, tendons, nerve tissue and skin tissue and affect the wellness and overall health the horse. A healthy, strong horse will perform at its best in Steeplechase Endurance races with fewer injuries and down time.

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