What is SGF1000 Activation?

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– Stem Cell Activation for Horses

SGF1000 Activation is an overall health and protein supplement for horses. SGF1000 is rich in proteins, cytokines, peptides and growth factors that are essential for growth and cellular repair in the horse’s body. SGF1000 is 100% drug-free and naturally derived from ovine placenta.


What does SGF1000 do?

SGF1000 activatesdormant adult stem cells that are present within the horse naturally. Horses have trillions of repairing stem cells naturally in their bodies. As a horse ages many stem cells go dormant and thus the body repairs and heals itself at a slower pace.  Active stem cells are responsible for healing; they aid in the repair of damaged organs, muscles, tendons, nerve tissue, and skin tissue.


Benefits of SGF1000 in Horses

SGF1000 Stem Cell Activation for horsesVeterinarians who have used SGF-1000 have reported the following indications and personal results:

  • Improve horse’s immunity and overall health
  • Improve horse’s strength and stamina
  • Delay the onset of muscle fatigue in horses
  • Aid in muscle recovery after injury for horses
  • Aid in muscle recovery after a heavy workout or competition for performance horses
  • Repair Bowed tendons in horses
  • Repair suspensory ligament injuries in horses
  • Increase horse fertility in males and females
  • Rejuvenate horse’s internal organs such as kidneys, liver and pancreas
  • Prevent heart problems in horses
  • Improve bone strength
  • Repair damaged hyaline cartilage in horses
  • Reduce exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage in performance horses
  • Heal wounds faster
  • Improve horse’s coat

Natural Stem Cell Activation Therapy for Horses

SGF1000 is 100% natural and chemical free and will not test or swab. It is 100% drug-free and simply gives the horse the extra proteins and peptides it needs to activate stem cells and heal itself. SGF1000 can be administered to horses by equine veterinarians only.  It is recommended for use in all performance horses to optimized heath and performance.buy here



SGF1000 stem cell activation for horses


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