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What is Lactoway Paste for horses?

Lactoway Paste is the most scientifically advanced lactic acid buffer paste available in the world today. The proprietary ingredients in Lactoway Paste make it over 400% stronger than any other lactic acid buffer on the market. Lactoway Paste directly extends lactic acid thresholds in horses by increasing delivery of blood flow to the muscle tissues, the strengthening of blood vessels and the support of tissue regeneration. The increased blood flow leads to an increase in the level of oxygen stored in muscle tissues and an increase in glycogen levels. The overall benefit results in decreased muscle fatigue and muscle soreness during and after the horses exercise or race.

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Administration of Lactoway Paste

Administer 10mls orally 2-3 times per week before exercise or event.

Administer Orally

Lactoway paste size and availability

Lactoway Paste comes 30ml syringes

It is available for purchase in:

  • Single dose
  • Pack of 3
  • Pack of 10


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