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    125 ml, 500 ml

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BioBute is a topical, all-natural, anti-inflammatory pain relief oil for horses. BioBute is  trusted by veterinarians, horses trainers and their riders for muscle soreness and stiffness in horses. Biobute can be used on horses that suffer from arthritis, stiff muscles or to prevent muscle soreness.

BioBute has been formulated to accelerate healing and effectively relieve pain. In performance horses, the benefits include faster and better pain relief from muscular soreness, stiffness in muscles and joints and faster recovery after a stressful performance.

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Medivet Equine is the trusted supplier of BioBute and other regenerative and natural medicines for horses.

Administration of BioBute

BioBute is an all-natural pain reliever for horses and does not require a prescription. The ointment can be applied to sore muscles, at home. The horses should have pain relief for 4-5 hours. Reapply as needed.

Size and Availability

Available in 150ml and 500ml bottles


Bio-bute pain relief for horses