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MPTS 360 is a training mask for horses made by Medivet. The Medivet mask MPTS 360 has been developed to meet all the therapy and training needs of the professional animal trainer. The MPTS 360 mask combines all conceivable therapy and training options in an effective, easy to use package. Medivet carefully designed and rigorously tested the mask to ensure usability, animal comfort and maximum effectiveness.

MPTS360 Medivet Mask for Horses

The MPTS 360 mask by Medivet is the Ultimate therapy delivery system supporting:

  • Recovery from injuries
  • Recovery from exercise
  • Improve horses performance
  • Regeneration of the lungs
  • Prevent and treat Exercise induced Pulmonaryhemorrhage
  • Most advanced delivery of drugs for horses

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Horsesoxygen therapy mask for horses

  • Minimize the release of hydrocortisone, a stress hormone which inhibits immune responses of horses
  • Increase the oxygen processing capacity of horses
  • More intense training sessions with a lower risk of tissue damage in horses
  • Prevent fatigue in horses during exercise
  • Prevent the formation of lactic acid s and sore muscle in horses after training
  • Improve post work recovery in horses


Benefits of Altitude Training for HorsesMedivet Training  Mask MPTS 360 for horses

  • Increase horse lung capacity
  • Strengthen lung tissue
  • Deeper breathing increases lung volume in horses
  • Release of Bicarbonate into blood stream- prevents hyperventilation
  • Decrease horses blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increase hemoglobin in horses blood
  • Increase Myoglobin in horses blood– oxygen storage in tissues
  • Treat and manage lung damage
  • Treat and prevent Exercise induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in horses
  • Reduce horses muscle damage after exercise


MPTS 360 – Medivet Mask Usage

The MPTS360 mask by Medivet has been specifically designed for horses. It is approve for training and therapy of performance horses. The mask for horses by Medivet offers advanced Dual-Nebulization Technologies for the delivery of products/ solutions directly into the blood stream through the respiratory system.

Any liquid that can be administrated through a Nebulizer can be used in the MPTS360 mask for horses. The following are common medication administered

  • Bronchodilators ( Atrovent, Ventolin, Clen Buterol)
  • Corticosteroids (Pulmocort, Dexamethasone, Flixotide)
  • Antibiotics ( Cobactan, Excenel, Gentamicin)
  • Mucolytics (Parvolex, Ambroxol)
  • Homeopathic products

Medivet Mask for horses MPTS 360

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