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Lactoway Paste is the most scientifically advanced lactic acid buffer paste available in the world today. The proprietary ingredients in Lactoway Paste make it over 400% stronger than any other lactic acid buffer on the market. Lactoway Paste directly extends lactic acid thresholds in horses by increasing delivery of blood flow to the muscle tissues, the strengthening of blood vessels and the support of tissue regeneration. The increased blood flow leads to an increase in the level of oxygen stored in muscle tissues and an increase in glycogen levels.Lactoway paste for horses

How Lactoway Paste works

During exercise, muscles metabolize glucose (sugar) into energy. Muscles receive glucose continually through the blood, and also have their own stores of sugar (called glycogen). Lactic Acid builds up after the stored glycogen in muscles is used up. Lactic Acid build up leads to fatigue and severe muscle soreness.

Every animal has an upper limit of exercise ability, called the anaerobic threshold or lactate threshold. The lactate threshold is a measurement of how fit the heart and blood vessels are. With regular exercise training, a horse’s lactate threshold will increase.

Exercising at an intensity level below the lactate threshold produces very little lactic acid, and the body quickly clears what is produced. A horse can exercise below the lactate threshold for a long time, even for hours.

Once the intensity of exercise exceeds the lactate threshold, muscles begin to use glucose inefficiently, through alternative chemical reactions. Lactic acid is produced and can rapidly build up in the blood and muscles seriously affecting performance and endurance.

Lactoway Paste is approved for Performance Horses

Lactoway paste is 100% drug and chemical free. It contains no banned substances and will not swab. Lactoway Paste is highly recommended and helpful for performance horses.

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