jumpersSeveral breeds show in Hunter /jumper events around the world. These horses require amazing power and flexibility. The explosive strength needed to take the rider and horse over high jumps and the endurance required to maintain performance and successfully complete the course is amazing to behold. Generally large breeds compete in Hunter Jumper events. Larger frames manage the extreme pressure and stresses and at the same time produce the tremendous power needed to compete in highly competitive competitions. The stress and pressure put on the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments as these horses train and event is well understood. Few horses are spoiled like the Hunter/Jumpers with owner who understand maintaining top health is a requirement for top performance. Regenerative medicine offers a new opportunity to improve the overall health and balance of the sport horse on a cellular level. This is accomplished by introducing a wide variety of Cell types including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and bioactive peptides to initiate the activation various mechanisms in the body. For example up regulating growth factors with SGF1000 will not only boost the auto immune system and down regulate inflammation producing cytokines. The SGF supplement will facilitate the continuous activation of highly potent dormant stem cells to repair damaged tissues thought the body. Even healthy appearing tendons, ligaments and connective tissues have micro damage that is not detectable and in need of repair. The growth factors in SGF initiate the stem cell activation creating an environment for the body to heal at a faster rate. MediVets SGF1000 provides drug free intravenous injections that can assist in the internal cell regeneration, rejuvenation and anti-aging at the cellular level in the animal’s body to help aid in the repair of damaged organs, muscles, tendons, nerve tissue and skin tissue and affect the wellness and overall health of animals. A healthy strong horse will perform at its best with fewer injuries and down time.

Regenerative Medicine for Hunter / Jumper Horses

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MediVets Autologous Conditioning Serum ACS

ACS Offers an effective, drug free options to reduce or eliminate inflammation locally and systemically thought the body for Hunter Jumper Horses. This powerful product can be given by intra-articular injection, intravenous injection, jet neutralizer or intramuscular injection. Applications is normally weekly but depends on exercise level. Weekly IV applications will manage inflammation and pain as well as provide additional growth factors for the Hunter jumper Horse.

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MediVets MPTS360 Nebulizer

The Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360) is specifically designed to fit horses. The mask kit comes with all fittings required to start training and therapy immediately on Hunter Jumper Horses.

Includes; mask with integrated mixing plenum and multi-fit seal, Jet Nebulizer with 8mL or 20mL reservoir. Designed for superior flow delivery of therapies with Oxygen, Medical Air or Compressed Air (Pump),Ultrasonic Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer with 8mL reservoir, Designed for quick convenient therapy delivered at the optimum vapor size. Variable click style Oxygen gas and Nitrogen regulators are also include in a premium carry case.

The Jet Nebulizer facilitates rapid delivery of drugs and serums to Hunter Jumper Horses. Treatment is accelerated via simultaneous oxygen delivery. The benefits of this include: Minimizing the release of Hydrocortisone (stress hormone) which can inhibit positive immune responses and increasing the oxygen processing capacity of cell mitochondria, which boosts cell activity and growth in your Hunter Jumper Horse. The click style oxygen regulator supplied with the MPTS 360 is the most robust type on the market and easiest to use with set flow rates to match all therapy requirements.

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Medivets TB1000 and  TB500

TB1000 and TB500 (Thymosin Beta 4), a naturally occurring peptide, initiates a cascade of beneficial effects in the horses body such as promoting myocardial and endothelial cell migration. Thymosin beta 4 binds to actin and promotes cell migration, including the mobilization, migration, survival, and differentiation of stem cells, which form new blood vessels and regenerate tissue. Thymosin beta 4 has a low molecular weight and spreads through the horses body quickly. This naturally-occurring peptide plays a vital role in the repair and regeneration of injured cells and tissues. It also decreases the number of myofibroblasts in wounds, resulting in decreased scar formation and fibrosis in your Hunter Jumper Horse. Studies have identified TB4 to have a neuroprotective and neurorestorative qualities which will increase the focus or your Hunter Jumper Horse.

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