TB-500 & TB-1000
  • How does regenerative medicine work?

    Regenerative Medicine works to restore structure and function of damaged tissues and organs, deals with the process of replacing, engineering or regenerating cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.

    How long have these products been available?

    Based in Australia, MediVet is the world’s largest animal regenerative medicine company. Our equine products and stem cell technologies have been available for several years and successfully treated  thousands of animals around the world.

    How do I order products?

    Please click the request information links on this site or send us an email. You will be contacted within twenty four hours and one of our Business development managers will happy to set up access for you to purchase products directly from site 24/7.


    What are Stem Cells?

    Stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ, tissue and cell in the body. Stem cells are like blank microchips that can ultimately be programmed to perform any particular tasks. Stem cells are differentiated from other cell types in the following respects:

    1. – Stem cells are unspecialized cells that renew themselves for long periods through cell division
    2. – Stem cells can be induced under certain conditions to become cells with special functions, for example to develop into specialized tissues and organs
    3. – Stem cells naturally divide to build more stem cells
    What are Growth Factors?

    Medical studies have proven that Growth Factors can help simulate normal growth, regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscles, skin, collagen, bone, cartilage and nerve tissues, to aid in total rejuvenation of the body.

    What are Amino Acids?

    Amino acids are the building blocks  that make up proteins. A total of 20 different kinds of amino acids form proteins. Amino acids make up 75% of the horses body and are essential to nearly every bodily function. The essential amino acids are to be ingested every day. Protein substances make up the muscles, tendons, organs, glands, nails and hair. The growth, repair and maintenance of all cells are dependent upon amino acids.

    What are Cytokines?

    The animals body’s immune system has many different types of cells acting together to take care of unwanted infections, cytokines are produced by the immune system to communicate and orchestrate the attack against diseases, including bacterial infections and body degeneration.

  • How does Thymosin beta 4 work?

    Thymosin beta 4 promotes cell migration and angiogenesis, which enhances tissue and fiber repair and maintenance. Thymosin beta 4 increases endothelial cell migration resulting in significant increases in endurance. Muscle growth is seen, as it is highly effective in building extra protein cells needed for lean muscle gain.

    Can Thymosin Beta 4 be used in conjunction with other supplements or antibiotics?

    As Thymosin Beta 4 is a naturally occurring peptide found in all animal cells, it does not pose as a foreign substance to the body. This means the product can be safely used in conjunction with any supplement or anti-biotic and not compromise the effect of these substances.

    What are the side effects of using Thymosin Beta 4?

    Post clinical safety trials and trials with some of the world’s most renowned equine trainers, there have been no noted side effects with the use of Thymosin Beta 4. It is not an oil-based solution and therefore poses no threat to the exterior complexion of the animal.

    How often can TB500 or TB1000 be administered?

    Horses – Use one 2ml vial every week for a 6 week period

    Discontinue TB500 or TB1000 for 4 weeks the administer 2ml monthly to maintain Thymosin Beta 4 levels in the system

    Do I have to keep TB500 and TB1000 refrigerated?

    TB500 and TB1000 does not require refrigeration. It is to be stored at room temperature in a non humid environment.

    Does TB500 or TB1000 contain any illegal or banned substances?

    TB500 and TB1000 are both 100% drug free and chemical free. As a result, TB500 and TB1000 DOES NOT SWAB.

    What is the purity of Thymosin Beta 4 used?

    Medivets Thymosin Beta 4 is 95% pure and ranks as one of the highest purity sources of Thymosin Beta 4 available in the world.

  • How does SGF1000 work?

    SGF1000 is applied through mesotherapy. By activating the horse’s bodies stem cells from a dormant state to an active state. Growth Factors also provide the horses body with the natural resources required to produce new cells.

    What is SGF1000 and how is it applied?

    SGF1000  is a protein supplements intravenously injected by veterinarians to enhance health of horses.

    What are the recommended dosage amounts for SGF1000?

    SGF1000 is available in 10ml vials for horses  (10ml x 6 vials). For maximum effectiveness use 2ml I.V. per week.

    What effect does SGF1000 Activation have?

    SGF1000 enhances the total health of the horse and improves the horse’s vigor, stamina, alertness and focus. Helps your horse’s body absorb nutrients taken orally, maintains blood glucose levels, repair scars from accidents and surgery, and helps to improve brain and mental acuity.

    • Helps stimulate the horse’s body to burn fat for fuel
    • •Helps the horse to produce natural collagen
    • Increases stamina and endurance, builds lean muscles and •balances blood sugar
    • In addition, Growth Factors• help increase serotonin levels to brighten moods, •rejuvenate internal organs such as kidneys, liver and pancreas.
    • •They also aid in the prevention of heart problems.
    How long do SGF1000 products take to work?

    Stem cells begin activation from the time the injection is administered. The proliferation of stem cell and the differentiation into varies cell types, to begin regeneration, will take a few months. The isolated Growth will begin to increase overall health right away.

    Are there any adverse side effects on the use of SGF1000 products?

    There are no known side effects

    Is SGF1000 an alternative to Stem Cell Therepy?

    For mild conditions SGF1000 is a great alternative to stem cell therapy. It has a HIGH success rate of treating mild arthritic conditions. It has also been proven to treat mild liver disease and mild kidney disease.

    What can I expect from ongoing use of SGF1000?

    SGF1000 will keep the horse performing at its peak for longer, getting more performances out of a campaign than what they usually would.

    Will SGF1000 help strengthen tendons and ligaments?

    Yes SGF1000 does help strengthen and repair tendons. The Fibroblast and Keratinocyte growth factors assist in wound healing and connective tissue repair.

    Will I see any external signs SGF1000 working?

    SGF1000 will cause extra and healthier hair growth, Minor wounds will heal more rapidly and cleanly. The horses eyes may become more glassy like a younger horses. SGF1000 will increase conception and spermatozoa rates for reproduction.

    How long will it take for initial effects to take place?

    It will take about two to three weeks to start and see these exterior benefits take place.

    How does SGF1000 assist the female reproductive system?

    SGF1000 rejuvenates and regenerates the ovarian cellular structure and the selected growth factors enhance the embryonic development and the immune defense mechanism to enable the female reproductive system to perform at its peak.

    How does SGF1000 Biological Breeding assist the male fertility?

    SGF1000 Biological Breeding assists male fertility by the regeneration and rejuvenation of the spermatogenesis function at the cellular level to promote increased spermatozoa motility count.

    How does SGF1000 assist the body to repair, maintain, speed up recovery?

    SGF 1000 is designed to assist the internal regeneration and rejuvenation of damaged cells and accelerate the repair of tissues, organs, muscles, tendons, bone cartilages and the nerve and skin tissues and the animal’s immune defense system to enhance the total body.

  • Is BIO BUTE pain relief Drug Free?

    Yes, 100% drug Free.

    Can BIOBUTE pain relief be used in conjunction with prescribed medications?

    Yes, BIOBUTE is drug free in its composition and can be used without any adverse effects when used with prescribed medications

    Can BIOBUTE pain relief be used on racing and performance horses?

    Yes, BIOBUTE can be used on any racing  or performance horse.

    Is BIOBUTE pain relief safe.

    Yes, BIOBUTE is 100% safe

  • Will ACS help arthritis and tendon and ligament issues?

    The growth factors in ACS along with the anti-inflammatory effect will stop tissue damage and begin to jump start the horses body’s ability to repair.

    How is ACS applied?

    ACS can be administered I.V., I.A. or I.M.

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