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MediVet Equine
200 Moore Drive
Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Phone: 844-735-5320

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Personalized relationships

If you are interested in our products please fill out a contact form below. We prefer to have personalized relationships with each one of our clients and will reach out to you to set up an account and discuss your horse’s needs.

We build trust

Our efforts to achieve personal relationships with each one of our clients, naturally creates trust. We will do anything in our power to fulfil your needs whether it be shipping speeds or ordering sizes. You will learn to trust and get to know your account manager.

Veterinarian experience

Most of our clients are equine veterinarians and performance horse trainers. Our products are trusted and recommended by them. Your account manager can recommend dosages and treatment plans for specific requirements that have been used on performance horses by other equine vets.

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