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Maximum Health & Performance thru Regenerative Medicine

MediVet Equine provides effective, all natural, drug free products and lab services designed to optimize the overall health of performance horses. Medivet Equine specializes in regenerative medicines that help the body heal itself and get stronger naturally. Our products are designed to activate naturally occurring stem cells and growth factors within the horses to encourage growth. None of our products swab or are banned.

Medivet Equine sells regenerative products, supplements and medicine to online to equestrian veterinarians, veterinarians, equestrian trainers and horse owners in the United States. Overview Medivet Equine’s Products here.

Medivet Equine is the exclusive distributor, in the United States, of  Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS), SGF 1000 Regenerative Placental Proteins, TB 1000, TB 500, Platelet-Rich Plasma Kits (PRP kits), Biobute, Clear Scope, Lactoway Paste, and the Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360) equine nebulizer mask.

Medivet Equine has products that are perfect and safe for any type of horse. Whether you have a pet horse that needs healing or improved immunity or an athletic performance horse Medivet Equine can help your horse. We have product recommendations for Thorough Bred Race Horses, Hunter Jumper Horses, Show Jumping Horses, Dressage Horses, Barrel Racing and Rodeo Horses, Endurance and Steeplechase Horses, and horses that play Polo. Set up an account and speak to one of our friendly representative to find out which products are best for your individual horse.

Medivet Equine’s technologies have been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading research and development groups. Medivet Equine’s facilities are state of the art, and conform to all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Standards.

Medivet Equine


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